The Weekly Roundup – 4th March 2018


We’ve collected the main stories of the week and put them in one place, just so you don’t have to…


News this week has been dominated by Brexit, as have most since June 2016 and earlier!

On Monday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn laid out his party’s position on a post-Brexit customs union, saying he ‘would seek to negotiate a new comprehensive UK-EU customs union.’

The announcement was met by criticism from many, including from Nigel Farage who said it showed that the Labour party is one of ‘London elites.’ The Fultum Post’s Oliver Stanley also commented that ‘Corbyn’s New Position on Brexit is Economic Nonsense – He’s Playing Pure Politics.’

This was followed by a speech delivered by Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, in which she took a more pragmatic stance than she has previously and stated that ‘neither [Britain or the EU] can have exactly what we want […] so we need to strike a new balance’ and face up to ‘hard facts‘.

Though the Prime Minister was faced with criticism over this speech, Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed ‘it is not time to nitpick.’

Outside of the world of Brexit, it was discovered this week that most marijuana circulating in Britain is ‘super-strength skunk’. We detailed author and journalist Peter Hitchen’s response to this news here.

In other UK news, UKIP lost control of Thanet council on Friday, meaning the party no longer holds control of a single local authority.


A legal challenge to the building of a wall along the US-Mexico border was quashed by a US District Judge on Tuesday. The state of California and a number of environmental groups claimed its building would go against several environmental laws, but this was shown to have not been the case.

President Donald Trump announced that he shall impose heavy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium, telling US companies: ‘you’ll have to regrow your industries, that’s all I’m asking.’ Countries around the world have warned of the negative effects this decision could create on the world economy.


The EU was quick to respond to President Trump’s tariff announcement. European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker said ‘we will put tariffs on Harley-Davidson, on bourbon and on blue jeans – Levis,’ all very high-status products imported to Europe from the US.

Diplomats from Poland and Israel met on Thursday in an attempt to bring an end to a row caused by Poland’s new law which makes it illegal to suggest that Poles were at all responsible for the Holocaust. A joint statement is expected to be released soon.


China’s Communist Party announced that it will alter the Chinese constitution so as to allow presidents to rule indefinitely, rather than for two five-year terms. This shall mean that the current 64 year-old president, Xi Jinping, will not have to step down from his position in 2023.

The Fultum Post contributors have also written on the perception of ‘the right’s’ views on those with disabilities and on the US Constitutional Amendments.


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