VP Pence Announces US to Move Embassy to Jerusalem Next Year

US Vice President Mike Pence, visiting Israel as part of an official tour of the Middle East, has announced that the US Embassy in Israel shall relocate to Jerusalem next year.

An exact date has not yet been given.

This comes after President Donald Trump formally recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last month.

The President’s recognition was met by general disapproval from world leaders. Indeed, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made it clear that she ‘does not support’ the decision.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone further by saying ‘such steps are destabilizing, and don’t help to resolve the situation, but instead provoke conflict.’

Regardless of this, Mr. Pence said earlier today that ‘Jerusalem is Israel’s capital – and, as such, President Trump has directed the State Department to begin initial preparations to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.’


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