Violent Crime in London Soars, Murder Rate Overtakes New York’s

Sadiq Khan

London has been hit by a spike in violent crime at the beginning of 2018, with a total of 37 murders investigated by the Metropolitan Police in February and March, versus 32 by the NYPD in New York. The majority of London murders this year have been stabbings, as knife crime has skyrocketed during Sadiq Khan’s term as Mayor.

City Hall insists London “remains one of the safest” cities globally, but the Met says it is “concerned” at the city’s increasing murder rate.

The Labour Mayor Khan has previously attempted to blame central government cuts for his poor record on crime, but Conservative MP Theresa Villiers said last weekend that policing has “not had spending cuts” and that his claim simply “is not true.”

The Fultum Post’s Michael Curzon recently commented on causes of an increase in violent crime in the UK.


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