US to Maintain ‘Maximum Pressure’ on N. Korea, but Willing to Talk

Vice President Mike Pence has made it clear that the US will continue to apply great pressure on North Korea, likely by way of sanctions, until it properly begins to cut back on its nuclear-arms programme.

He did, however, suggest that the US would be willing to engage in talks with North Korea, if this could also help improve relations.

Flying back from Pyeongchang after attending the Winter Olympics, VP Pence told the Washington Post that ‘the point is, no pressure comes off until they are actually doing something that the alliance believes represents a meaningful step toward denuclearization.

‘So the maximum pressure campaign is going to continue and intensify. But if you want to talk, we’ll talk.’

These words echo those by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who said earlier today that ‘it’s really up to the North Koreans to decide when they’re ready to engage with us in a sincere way, a meaningful way.’

North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympic games have raised hopes that the nation is truly interested in bettering its relations with South Korea, and possibly with other countries around the world.

US President Donald Trump has expressed his own hope that North Korea’s participation in the upcoming Olympic games could result in ‘something good’ for local and international relations.

Despite this, N. Korea’s continuing expansion of its nuclear-arms programme suggests this engagement in world events may be no more than a front for something really rather sinister.

More to follow.


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