US-led Forces Conduct Syria Airstrikes

In the early hours of this morning, US-led forces conducted airstrikes on military targets in Syria. Despite calls from opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for a parliamentary vote on airstrikes, Prime Minister Theresa May authorised UK involvement. France was also involved. The action was a response to an alleged chemical weapon attack in Douma.

The Kremlin and the Pentagon say there were no civilian casualties.

The airstrikes have received widespread support from the international community.

The aim was to cripple the Syrian regime’s capacity to use chemical weapons again. It was considered necessary as Russia has used its UN veto to prevent investigations regarding Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Jeremy Corbyn condemned the operation, calling for a response through the UN. He described the operation as ‘legally questionable’.

Donald Trump tweeted ‘Mission Accomplished!’ in the aftermath. Gavin Williamson, UK Defence Secretary, called the airstrikes ‘highly successful’. The Pentagon called the strikes ‘overwhelming and effective’ and said they ‘significantly degraded’ Assad’s capacity to use chemical weapons.

The airstrikes were meant to represent a warning to Assad that further chemical attacks will be met with retaliation.


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