Trump Says Date and Place Set for N. Korea Summit

US President Donald Trump has said the date and location for the much anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been set.

Reuters has commented that clarity has not been provided due to Trump’s liking of building ‘suspense about upcoming presidential news’, a trait of a former-reality TV star!

This comes after speculation that North Korea has released three Korean-American detainees from a labour camp has led some to believe that ‘Mr. Trump [could] take them back on the day of the US-North Korea summit or he [could] send an envoy to take them back to the US before the summit.’

Commenting on this, President Trump has said: ‘We’re having very substantive talks with North Korea and a lot of things have already happened with respect to the (U.S.) hostages. I think you’re going to see very good things.’

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders has also added that the releasing of these prisoners would ‘certainly [be seen as] a sign of good will.’


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