The Wisdom of Crowds: Trump Protestors Must Be Right, Surely?


Thousands of Trump protesters have taken to the streets of London sending a clear message this weekend that the US President is not welcome in the UK. The consensus being that Trump is a racist, bigoted, anti-Muslim, thoughtless, narcissist, whose election to office should be wiped from the history books. So, on the basis that so many individuals protest with such fierce activism, they should be right I guess?

Well no. Not necessarily. It makes me curious in fact, that a great deal of faith still lies with the judgement of the masses; especially when it seems so far from actuality. From dividing opinions on Brexit to that of Donald Trump, these crowds are missing one vital element – facts. The influence of the crowd in this case, has only proven a greater chance that people will drift towards a clear misplaced bias, with little thought to the true state of affairs.

What we are witnessing is rather the seemingly blind and ignorant following of crowds towards an erroneous opinion, which forms protests for protests sake. Poorly informed decision making is dangerous, as we witnessed with the financial crisis. People will naturally follow a leader, but not always in the right direction, in the same way they follow an idea – leading to the election in some cases of such inept leaders.

There is no doubt that Trump displays an air of honest, straight talking, no-nonsense rhetoric. Is that not what nearly 63 million US citizens voted for? I’m not interested in judging Trump’s morality, any more than May’s or Merkel’s. The fact remains that whilst in office, Trump has radically transformed the federal judiciary, made the largest tax cuts in 30 years, cut government waste and made astonishing progress in global relationships – to name just a few of his achievements in his first year in office.

So, when the crowds are marching through the streets of London, Washington or New York I am curious as to their ignorance of Trump’s triumphs thus far. How can any such group of individuals be so ignorant, unless of course they are far misplaced in their knowledge of political progress; which I believe most are. But then of course, comes denial. When trade deals are negotiated to our advantage with the US (which they will be), and businesses reap the rewards of this ‘highest special relationship’, then they will surely flock the other way; bleating anti-EU rhetoric in the face of new opposition.

Progress creates enemies. Progress demands severe – albeit unpopular – decision making and policy implementation, that serves the best interests of the wider constituents. Trump’s decision to enforce a travel ban for example successfully aided the protection of the United States, with backlash from protestors on the racist connotations of such a decision.

These may be harsh words, but the reality is that these crowds need to understand the practical aspects of political progress and apply a modern discernment to their social ideals.

The wisdom of crowds therefore, goes no further than accurately guessing the number of sweets in a jar at a summer fair.

Sara-Louise Dobson is a social and political writer, featured in print and online. Writer by day and reader by night, she is an avid traveller, free thinker and communicator, with a unique philosophical mind. Find her on twitter @sldobson


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