The Weekly Roundup – 8th April 2018


The furore over the Salisbury poisoning continued, as Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson clashed over the origins of the attack. Meanwhile Yulia Skripal’s cousin, Viktoria, was denied a UK visa.

The clash came after Porton Down’s analysis could not prove the nerve agent used came from the Russian state.

Violent crime was another focus of the week, with London’s murder rate overtaking New York’s. Sadiq Khan has come under fire for his handling of knife crime as Mayor of London.


The Trump administration slapped sanctions on key Putin allies, including seven oligarchs and seventeen government officials. The US accused the individuals of ‘malign activity’ worldwide and said the move was a response to meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Texas is deploying National Guard members to the Mexican border following a call from Donald Trump. Arizona plans to follow suit next week. Trump wants the National Guard in place until his border wall can be completed.


In Germany on Saturday a van plowed into a restaurant, killing two. The driver later shot himself. The police have found no motive, but have all but ruled out any Islamist connections.


In Syria, what has been titled ‘one of the worst chemical strikes in Syrian history’ say at 70 people die in the town of Douma, the last rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian government have claimed that allegations it was behind this attack are a ‘fabrication’.

The Fultum Post contributors have also written on the future of the Euro, the US constitutional right to privacy (as well as the sixth amendment of the US Constitution), the gender pay gap, the usefulness (or not) of art, anti-Semitism in the Labour party and on the BBC.


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