The Weekly Roundup – 25th March 2018


A ‘decisive step’ was made on Monday by UK and EU negotiators with regards to the Brexit transition deal, as a document was released signifying that the two sides had come to agreements on issues, such as the allowance of Britain to sign new trade deals with other countries during the period.

Oliver Stanley has commented that the ‘importance of the concessions [David] Davis and the UK government have managed to get cannot be understated.’

Nigel Farage, among others, had different thoughts about the agreements made regarding the Brexit transition period, and on Wednesday protesting against the fact the UK shall only be consulted by the EU on its allocation of fishing quotas during this period by dumping dead fish in the Thames river; an act supposed to represent the waste caused by EU fishing rules.

Plaid Cymru has announced that it would hold a referendum on Wales’ membership of the UK if it gets into government, with the party’s AM Adam Price declaring his desire to ‘liberate this nation from poverty, from sickness, from ignorance and timidity.’


President Donald Trump vowed on Monday that ‘get tough’ on drug dealers (particularly those trafficking opioids (drugs including prescription painkillers and heroin), even going as far as to suggest that the death penalty should be considered as a form of punishment for dealers.

The Fultum Post contributor Michael Curzon argued that the President was right to point out the importance of getting tougher on the issue of drugs, but that consumers of drugs need to be punished more firmly also if the issue is to be dealt with effectively.

In Mississippi, the limit for an abortion was lowered from 20 weeks to 15 weeks, making it the toughest state on abortion in the nation.


Lars Karlsson, a former senior Swedish customs official, told the Commons Brexit committee this week that a possible solution to the post-Brexit Irish border problem is a ‘smart border‘ – an advanced version of the current Sweden-Norway border.


Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, talking at the University of Birmingham, responded to the Salisbury poisoning by arguing that we should not just expel Russian diplomats – we must also go after their wealth and make it clear Britain will not be a haven for state corruption and oligarchic wealth being illegally or crookedly funnelled into the county.

The Fultum Post contributors have also written on gun control, the case of ‘Count Dankula’, or Mark Meechan (here and here), social justice, and on the fourth amendment of the US Constitution.


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