The Last Crusade: Donald Trump Vs The Media Machine


All we ever see of Donald Trump, from both American and English media, is negativity. Full stop. People can challenge that point all they like, with pedantically cherry-picked stories by Fox news or the mighty Fultum Post, or citation of right-wing voices like Katie Hopkins or Milo Yiannoppolous, but they’re doing themselves an injustice: It is obvious and widely known that most media has an extremely anti Trump bias. From stories of collusion, to Russian hacking, to paying off porn stars, Trump and not only his politics, but his character, are universally and unrelentingly dragged through the mud.

Often, these attacks are poorly and loosely founded, or simply in terrible taste: it seems there is no depth too low for the media to stoop when it comes to attacking Trump. Every single avenue of defamation available is not only used, but mercilessly raped for information and woven into such a tangled web of deceit, fallacy and misconstrued “journalism” that it would be fascinating if it wasn’t so terrifying.

Terrifying not because of what they will do to a man, but terrifying as to why; Trump is the antithesis to the establishment, to Western Liberal Democracy and to political order. Trump is chaos to their organised world of corruption and control. He says exactly what he thinks exactly when he wants to, regardless as to who advises for or against it, and they have absolutely no power over this.

Trump doesn’t allow anyone but himself to set the agenda- yes, sure, he can be a bit brash sometimes, and he can be a bit vulgar and even distasteful, but his magic lies in precisely this; we are conditioned to abhor the distasteful, the vulgar and the brash, even over the truth. If the truth is said in such a way as to offend our cultishly engrained liberal sensitivities- like for example saying that a country doesn’t want illegal immigrants whether they be OAP’s or new born children- then it is disregarded and shadowed simply by the nature of how it was said.

More than that, there are certain truths which the liberal establishment would simply rather we ignored, like for example migrant crime rates (which are notoriously difficult to obtain objectively and universally observable to anyone in towns and cities where high migration happens) or migrant birth rates, or the fact that we have equality of opportunity in most western countries and the narrative that we don’t is bogus, or the fact that “fat acceptance” is a movement based on weakness of mentality and a warped perception of how we should address body positivity. Neo social liberalism and the agenda it sets has built itself on the assumption that people like Trump cannot exist- akin to the financial markets building bad mortgage bonds assuming they couldn’t fail. Well, like recession, Trump is proof that they do, and they’re terrified.

Trump is indelible, a constant; not as a man, or even a leader, but as an idea. The idea of Trump has been ever present in their construction of these broken narratives and this weak politics the west has found itself shrouded by. Since Thatcher, there hasn’t been a single prominent western leader with any balls, any overt pride in their nation as a nation state and not a pawn in the agenda of globalism. Trump has filled that Vacuum, and the media machine is pushing back against this forgotten political force of true conservatism.

What’s more, is that they are hilariously and catastrophically misreading the crowd in their coverage of this shift, in every way possible.

They’re bullying them, with insults and belittlement, calling their experiences irrelevant and their knowledge of life stupid. The media machine is trying to tell them Trump is lying, or that there is some statistic that completely disproves anything he says, or that he’s on his way to impeachment. The media machine is trying to convince them that the same establishment- and by establishment, I mean the established political order, of party and leader ideologies, which has been objectively observable for the last 30+ years- which has been failing them for decades is better for them than triumphant, tangible, actual change. The media machine is trying to tell people that its crazy that Trump got in, a minor blip in the Neo Social Liberal agenda and that order will surely resume either at the next election or when Trump is inevitably impeached or arrested.

Unfortunately, the media machine, consumed by their own supreme arrogance, have forgotten what they’re dealing with: Trump is not just a man, he is the manifestation of an idea, a manifestation of a shift in political tonality, like Brexit, the Swedish Democrats, the massive rise of the broader Right in Europe and even Emmanuel Marcon; The right is winning and the new counter culture is that which attacks and destroys the poorly defined liberal- globalist agenda that has seen the cultural destruction of the western nation state.

Trump isn’t a reactionary move, he is a conscious decision born of desperation by the majority of Americans that feel they are losing their identity and their country in the face of weak, wet liberal identity politics. He is the people choosing strength- of ideology and character- over the persistently discordant status quo. He is the realisation by the masses that change will not come unless it is ushered it by the ballot or by conflict; better a conflict of ideas than a conflict of swords.

And herein lies the err of the media machine’s ways: Trump feeds on being different and on attention, whether that be good or bad. In fact, the worse the better, because in forcing people to have to justify their decision to elect him, in forcing people to prove they aren’t stupid, the media machine is forcing an enlightenment. It is forcing a period in which people must listen for the song in the noise and try their hardest to enjoy it. The consistent relentlessly negative coverage of Trump has been motivation to many to hone their political astuteness and the opinions they hold. What has Trump ever done for the country? Well the media would have you believe he’s done nothing, so it is up to the individual to not only find, but interpret and justify the points they like to make.

Unlike the left, reliant on tired, malicious soundbites of pseudo intellectual knowledge to feed their nothing arguments and inflated egos, Trump supporters- like Brexiteers- must develop their opinions independent of the mainstream media voice, because in attacking Trump and the millions of people who support him, they have relinquished their asphyxiating grasp on coercing opinion and feeding information to those millions of people, and in a hilarious and magnificent consequence of their ignorance, encouraged an age of free and inquisitive, broader thought.

Trump will one day be out of office, but his legacy will ride on, ushering in a new era of strong, ideologically tenacious, unapologetically nationalist, anti-globalist politics. He has come at a time when he was sorely needed, and in years to come the western world will be quietly grateful. He has changed the tide of politics and by god, did it need changing: he is a fool and a visionary, a media manufactured martyr gaining strength daily from this foolish and relentless barrage of journalism against him. Trump has come at a dire and pivotal turning point in the history of western politics, and he has come just in time to hopefully save us from ourselves.


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