The Complete University Study Guide – a book by S. L. Dobson

Below is a description of Sara’s new book,The Complete University Study Guide: Starting | Mastering | Furthering YOUR DEGREE’, which you can buy here.

We hear so much these days about how important a degree is for your career, how everyone seems to have one and that the government will happily stump up the cash to pay for it. But is it really important? Is it really worth all that debt? And is it right for you?

This book contains the complete series of the University Study Guide including;

Starting Your Degree
Mastering Your Degree
Furthering Your Degree

It not only gives you an overview of what’s involved in a degree and what to look for when searching for a university but also gives you all the nuggets of information you need to make an informed choice about whether you feel a degree is right for you. It also provides you with tips and advice on what you should be thinking about and how to make the most of those first few weeks if you decide to start your degree.

Undertaking a degree is a wonderful accomplishment but getting a 1st Class Honours is something many students only dream of. A high-level degree opens up many more opportunities and is incredibly valuable to academics and employers alike. Achieving a first-class degree shows evidence of much more in-depth planning and research, highlighting to future employers and academics that you have the tenacity and drive to succeed in everything you put your mind to.

A first-class degree however, can only be achieved by actively pursuing your studies. This involves thinking much more critically about your sources and actively engaging in discussion with your lecturers and peers. It involves a greater level of skill and knowledge that is only available through an active pursuit of information and an inquisitive mind. And it is available to anyone. Whatever your background may be, anyone can achieve a high-level degree by improving their skillset and expanding their knowledge. This book seeks to guide you step-by-step through a range of elements that will help you achieve a first-class degree as well as looking at how you can enhance your time at university even further!


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