Monday, November 19, 2018
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What Theresa May’s End to Austerity Really Means

At Conservative Party Conference in September, I along with many others watched Theresa May declare that austerity is over. At the time, it made...

Labour’s Four Day Week: The Latest in a Long Line of Anti-Business Policies

This weekend, John McDonnell and Labour hinted at the possibility of introducing a new element to their next manifesto. Specifically, the Shadow Chancellor said...

Observing the Famishing Void of Sadiq’s Response to Crime

Headlines chime that Sadiq’s London is a lawless state. Even for someone who doesn’t live there, I can’t help but be appalled at how the...

The Last Crusade: Donald Trump Vs The Media Machine

All we ever see of Donald Trump, from both American and English media, is negativity. Full stop. People can challenge that point all they...

Hurricane Florence And Race

This now-deleted tweet by Wesley Chu, a science fiction author and alum of the University of Illinois, clearly demonstrates that he is not only...