Strictly White People Only.


How despicably audacious, for a writer in 2018 to suggest that his article is open only to white readers. How patronising, how condescending; how archaic. It’s not only arrogant, it’s repulsive. It’s also a fairly safe bet that the general consensus would agree, that most people reading that headline would have a certain distaste in their mouth, that it would make them uneasy. After all, why the hell should anyone in this day and age think it is okay to discriminate based on race?

Why then is it okay for recruiters and institutions to change the word ‘White’ for the acronym ‘BAME’ and ‘Readers’ to ‘applicants’, and be met with applause for their commitment to “diversity” as though diversity is anything more than a straw man of political rhetoric used as leverage and political capital. How is this anything more than blatant, actual racism? You are literally, LITERALLY, discriminating against people based on their race. If white people cannot apply, and certainly will not get the job if they do by virtue of them being white, then you are not helping your liberal crusade of equality, or your valiant pursuit of diversity, you are helping to incubate frictions and create hostility and division.

What’s more, how patronising is it to black and minority ethnic candidates that they stand to get hired because of the colour of their skin or the accent they speak with? How patronising to tell someone that regardless of there being prospectively better candidates for a position, they will get it because they fill a quota; telling them they don’t need an A, B or C because they have politically imposed E & D. How despicable. In fact, it’s a double edged sword: it is both patronising and an extreme exercise of privilege for these people. Imagine a job open to whites only. Imagine a job where black applicants need not apply. How backwards and dastardly such a sentiment is, and yet it’s practiced daily in Britain.

This phenomenon, exercised regularly by the BBC, constantly sold to us as exclusively positive by the likes of the Guardian and other media outlets, and actioned into the recruitment ethos of almost all political organisations and positions, is an epidemic, and it is such a farcical, hollow practice that it needs to be destroyed. There is no such thing as “positive discrimination”. All this idea does is encourage the train of thought that all white people are racist with absolutely no exception, and that  white people stand to succeed beyond the capacity of BAME (Black And Minority Ethnic) candidates purely because they are white. Not because they put effort in, not because they spend years- decades, even- trying to get to these positions, or that this “positive discrimination” is something other than a tool at the hand of the misguided notion that is multiculturalism, allowing our politicians to lower the precedence of the British and British culture to forward the misunderstood doctrine of the exercise in political vanity that multiculturalism is. No, white people succeed simply because they are white, and this practice must be stopped!

How pathetic. How frightening. How droll. It seems like the goalposts of racism have been altered so much in recent years that not only can no one really define it, semantically vis a vis modern Britain, but that the ambiguity found in mis-definition mean’s that having any debate around the subject produces arbitrary and ultimately pointless conclusions and debates surrounding the nuances of language. How expertly political.

Positions open to BAME only candidates are a dangerous precedent. They’re a dangerous precedent in so far as they encourage anti white discrimination. They are a dangerous precedent in so far as they suggest there is an institutionalised racism, and that the way to combat this perceived racism is to in fact become the racist. They’re a dangerous precedent because they whittle white success down to arrogance and make it almost a de facto bad thing to hire white people based on the idea that it’s overtly ‘good’ to hire minorities. We are seeing this trickle into every aspect of our lives, more an more, with the predictably mixed race couple in every advert on TV, uniformly featuring two little girls and one little boy. Can’t politicians see that alienating people in their own nation is always going to cause friction, and usually it’ll be just enough to start a fire? It is magnificently condescending to assume that we need our opinions and our minds coercing in order to stop being the racist bigots we are apparently destined to be.

In our pursuit of levelling the playing field (which we did a while ago now- equality of opportunity is there for everyone in this country), we have found ourselves pandering to racism and holding it on such a social pedestal as to not realise we have regressed. We even go so far as to call racism aimed at or discriminating against white people “reverse racism”. It has its own moniker, in a hilarious twist of damning liberal humanism; the discourse has found a way to segregate victims. How dangerous is that as a concept? Victimhood has now found itself a proponent of segregation.

Minority quotas do nothing to help our increasingly dystopic regime. As a society, it is frustrating and laughable that we have allowed victimhood to become a springboard to success, that we have such an arrogant perception of white people that we are feeling the need to shackle them in chains. It’s a shame that the only qualification some people need to progress in life now is the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, race, gender or sexuality. It is a shame that equality and diversity have been engineered to represent a false plight, and the responsibility for this false plight has been projected onto white Europeans. Can’t we see past this? Can’t we embrace the notion that this is as dangerous and as undesirable as the signs asserting no blacks, no dogs, no Irish that supposedly used to grace the front of British hotels?

Surely Zimbabwe and South Africa have shown us how useless the idea of transitioned or deflected racism is? Surely the atrocities  that have found themselves there are a warning sign to this division we are nurturing? In England and pretty much the western hemisphere, meritocracy and equality of opportunity are king, and always should be. We can not start regressing into the realms of discrimination in the workplace based on anything other than how good someone would be for the job.

Backdoor racism, as these ‘BAME only’ positions are, is stupid, pathetically short sighted and unbelievably backwards. Advancing anyone because of their race, gender or sexuality in a place where competition is reasonably fair and academic achievement is available to all IS racist, it is archaic and wrong. It’s a self-righteous way for companies to get cheap and easy PR at the cost of professionalism and academic credibility, and a hollow, short term way for politicians to build an easily sellable and difficult to challenge narrative of altruism and niceness. We must ask the question, where will it take us, and when will it stop? I wonder, are they going to start making the black athletes run 125 meters whilst the whites run the hundred to even out the win ratio’s? Somehow I don’t quite think so. And quite right, too.


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