Rudd: ‘Strong Link’ Between Drugs and Rising Crime

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has highlighted the link between drug usage (particularly by young people) and rising violent crime.

She said that it is a ‘mistake’ to blame low police numbers alone for this rise in crime rates and pointed out that more significant than this is the fact we are seeing ‘a different approach to drug dealing [and] a different approach to using children in the most disgraceful way as drug dealers.’

In an attempt to prevent this trend, Ms. Rudd is pushing a ‘Serious Violence Strategy’, which is intended to ‘catch young people before they go down the wrong path, encouraging them to make positive choices.’

She mention in particular the ‘devastating impact’ crack-cocaine has on all people in societies (no mention was made of the widely circulating and serious drug marijuana).

Two weeks ago, the Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick claimed that social media is behind the rise in violent crime among young people. Ms. Rudd’s claim seems to bear far more truth than Ms. Dick’s.

Only time shall tell if the measures the government plans to set out shall have an impact on the rates of crime.


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