Rising Crime Shows Ineffectiveness of Our Police Forces

Recent police figures have shown that offenses recorded by forces in England and Wales have increased by 14% year-on-year.

Gun crime has had a large quarterly increase of 20%, bearing light on the ineffectiveness of gun control in Britain. Knife crime has, however, seen the most significant rise: 21% in the 12 months up to September.

This great prevalence of knife crime shows that, without our incredible accident and emergency services, murder rates would be far higher than they currently are.

Unsurprisingly, recent figures also show that the number of police officers in Britain is in decline. In the last 12 months, the number fell by 930 to 121,929. How do we expect crime rates to reduce when this is the case?

What is even more unhelpful though is that it seems more and more officers are working in offices – answering calls or filling in paperwork – rather than patrolling the streets.

Indeed, you are almost as likely to see a ‘Bobbie on the Beat’ in England now as you are to see a pig fly over the moon. Or perhaps the latter of these two is actually more likely since those police officers who remain have given up caring about punishing those who consume illegal mind-altering drugs (particularly marijuana).

How on earth do we expect officers sat in offices, or speeding to (or even past) crime scenes in cars, to deter crime – the most important role of the force since little can be done when a crime has already been carried out.

After all, a victim can not be un-stabbed. Neither can a house be un-robbed. To the contrary, officers should patrol our streets, as they once did, to ensure (by way of deterrence) that these un-doable crimes are not done in the first place.

Indeed, whether the number of police officers in Britain is high or not does not really matter. Ten million officers would be useless if they were all sitting in offices.

Clearly, we are not going to see any significant reduction in crime levels until these failures of our policing system are corrected (the acknowledgement of these failures would be a good start!).

Until then, criminals shall continue to be fearless of unseeable forces which sit idly by, too far away to do anything at the time of (or before) a crime and are then too late to do anything when they later at the scene.


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