Police Fail to Catch 4 out of 5 Muggers and Burglars


Official statistics show that police fail to catch four out of five muggers and burglars.

Last year, 81,848 police investigations of muggings were unable to go ahead as the culprits were not found. Similarly, 203,703 domestic burglary cases were left unsolved in the year up to September 2017. This is compared to 153,742 in 2015.

This means that, in total, 86 percent of robberies and 78 percent of burglaries were left unsolved.

As I have written in the past:

How on earth do we expect officers sat in offices, or speeding to (or even past) crime scenes in cars, to deter crime – the most important role of the force since little can be done when a crime has already been carried out.

After all, a victim can not be un-stabbed. Neither can a house be un-robbed (emphasis added). To the contrary, officers should patrol our streets, as they once did, to ensure (by way of deterrence) that these un-doable crimes are not done in the first place.

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These recent statistics make the Metropolitan Police commissioner’s comments in March, that use of social media is one of the largest factors behind the increase in crime, all the more laughable.

How bad do matters need to get before officials realise their own sloppiness and impotence is key to the rise in crime and disorder?


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