Peter Hitchens: ‘Good, Hard, Patriotic’ Way of Organising Defence Without Trident

Peter Hitchens has argued that there is a ‘good, hard, patriotic’ model for our defence system which does not involve the renewal of trident, in a Soap Box video for the BBC.

The Mail on Sunday columnist argues that, when it comes to government defence spending, it is not simply a ‘choice between trident and nothing.’

Indeed, this week General Nick Carter, head of the British Army, warned that government spending cuts shall weaken the ability of the army and lead to Britain falling behind its rivals on the world stage.

Mr. Hitchens claims that the money currently being spent on trident (‘somewhere between £31 billion over 35 years, the government estimate, or £175 billion, if you don’t’) could be put to much better use on ‘usable conventionable weapons.’

He continues to say that ‘new trident boats are museum pieces before they have even been laid down… [as] they are Cold War weapons but built 30 years after the Cold War ended.’

In sum…

‘Britain’s defence policy is like a man who spends so much on insuring himself against alien abduction that he can’t afford cover for fire and theft.’

Despite his warnings, and those from others (particularly in the army), the government is likely to continue renewing trident year-on-year, despite it being seemingly obsolete in this post-Cold War world.


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