Observing the Famishing Void of Sadiq’s Response to Crime

Sadiq Khan

Headlines chime that Sadiq’s London is a lawless state.

Even for someone who doesn’t live there, I can’t help but be appalled at how the mayor seems to bludgeon the handling of this.

Crime has been on the up ever since Khan became mayor in 2016 with surges instead of any reduction or lull yet not much has changed with his methods.

First is the bastardization of the discussion about these crimes by what is allowed to be said and what language he uses to speak about the problem.

The left needs language as a mask to avoid facing hard facts. They make it seem like inanimate objects are the culprits, not just tools, of crime even though Khan himself stated the cause in his 2017 knife crime publication. He shared that 62 percent of the offenders were from BAME backgrounds. The publication doesn’t delve further into this and discussion focuses more ontools. It’s okay to say they’re ‘‘young people’’, though just not their ethnicity.  

Sarah Champion was forced to resign in Dec 2017 after ‘‘industrial-scale racism’’ for so much as stating the ethnicity of the majority of people running grooming gangs. Pressure like thiscompletely derails any discussion that can offer the best solutions and effective results.

Their only course of action is to implement a series of bans that have become parodies of themselves at this point. It has even inspired memes like the ‘come and take it’ phrase over a spoon.

Banning has become a trend to control and extends beyond crime. They’ll ban junk food ads and age-restrict energy drinks to fight obesity yet on the flip side ban so-called ‘‘body shaming’’ ads that promote ‘‘unrealistic body types’’ to be arbitrarily counterproductive.

Sadiq seems more interested in fixing behaviors of law-abiding people than focusing on his rising crime problem. Adult responsibility can give way to government control.

He never ceases to talk about strained resources, yet he went ahead and added ‘‘hate speech’’ to their exhausting list of things to investigate. A crime that is, by definition, left up to the whims of subjection.

This means that in a city where knife crime is high, stabbing a man in the neck is still a ‘‘hate’’ crime if the person is a Muslim, like Dr. Nasser Kurdy who was stabbed entering a mosque.

Sadiq launched an online hate crime hub in 2017 for a quarter million when other areas are in desperate need of attention and resources such as the challenge of moped crime. He’d like to deny it, but you can directly blame unmitigated migration for having to set up an entire unit because some cultures don’t mix as well as you want them to on their own.

Meanwhile, police numbers are declining since officers are stressed and overworked. Specific training seems among the more fitting responses to this, to instill confidence and provide support they need for brave, professional police officers.    

As it stands, videos circulate of disorderly groups of particular backgrounds where Met police officers retreat and/or fail to establish theyre the ones with authority. I thought perps were supposed to run from them not the other way around. Individuals share how they got mugged but when they report it to police they just get sent away.  

Sadiq’s twitter feed boasts retweets into casebycase investigations but not much strategy. He’sMAYOR. Not a rank and file officer. I expect to see more than the standard call for   ‘‘anybody with information’’. Direction, maybe.

I can’t get behind how Sadiq blames government budget cuts while he fails to meet a challenge with a police force that seems more concerned with sending social messages. Even the commissioner seems to have been hired for that reason; she is as devoid of ideas as Sadiq.

Even when he faces residents he doesn’t offer assurance, he simply defaults to blame games. State of London debate on June 28, a concerned mother told Sadiq that she and her family don’tfeel safe. His only response to an outraged parent was to cough up statistics about funding.

In May 2018 he tweeted a link to an official page summarizing what he’s doing.

Its filled with laughable repetitions and fluff. No attention to police retention or training. Examples include City hall summit’’ not highlighting any important decision or idea, just briefed about ‘action being taken’’. Young Londoner’s fund is merely support for programs that already existed. Sectioning officers under ‘‘violent crime task force’’ and ‘’safer schools officers’’ fancy, duty-based names but not much else.

Many points are about steering youth, not an urgent response to crime. How do you not ask yourself – why can’t the parents do that? In a case like this ethnicity matters because culture has a great impact on family strength. Even many gang members state that they come from fatherless homes. How can you blow precious little funding fathering kids while silencing people from even talking about the issue?

As far as Im concerned, here’s what Sadiq is doing:

Blowing funds on fathering society while playing blame games to shift the pressure
Lazy, safe bans instead of effective, targeted measures
Paying a police force that’s more interested in sending emotionally saccharine social messages than tackling crime

His recent actions only drag on old policies, stuck playing diversity is our strength on old vinyl record. It’s time he stops prioritizing an agenda and get real about crime.


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