New Party Seeks to Overturn Brexit, Inspired by Macron’s ‘En Marche’


Today has seen the official launch of a new political party in Britain, Renew, which primarily seeks to ‘stop Brexit’ as ‘many people feel they were lied to’ during the referendum campaign in 2016.

The party shall aim to field parliamentary candidates up and down the country in a general election, which it claims ‘could happen at any time’, in order to push MPs to reconsider the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

James Clarke, one of the party’s three main figures, has claimed that Renew is the ‘more military arm’ of the pro-Remain movement.

‘We are actually standing candidates in seats to threaten those MPs that are not changing their minds, or are not standing up for the views of their constituents,’ he said at the party’s launch in London.

Despite the vote to leave the EU, another of the party’s key figures, accountant James Torrence, states that it is in the national interest to ‘put Remain back on the table in a vote on the final EU deal.’

Mr. Torrence has said that Renew has ‘had informal discussions with En Marche’, the party founded last year by French President Emmanuel Macron which saw him attain his power.

‘They are providing advice to us about how they got going in France. So we can understand that in more detail and apply some of the lessons from that.’

Renew has received around £100,000 in donations up till now, according to a party official. This includes £20,000 from a lawyer and £30,000 from a restaurant owner.


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