N. Korea Will Discuss Denuclearization with US


North Korea has taken the unprecedented move today of voicing its openness to denuclearization talks, a US official stated yesterday.

The North Korean regime, that has been known for its hostile rhetoric toward it’s souther neighbour, South Korea, and the United States. The announcement comes after the period of relative détente that has been experienced between the two Korean states.

The US official, speaking anonymously, revealed the US and North Korea have held secret contacts recently where the regime voiced its willingness to discuss the issue when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump meet.

Such a venue for the summit has yet to be decided however, as communications between the two nations, currently being done through North Korea’s United Nation’s mission, are still in the ‘preliminary stage’.

North Korea itself is yet to comment on the development, however the South Korean administration has expressed its welcome for the news, one official saying the development was ‘positive’.


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