MPs to Debate Post-Brexit Customs Union

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement in February that Britain would leave the Customs Union after Brexit, MPs are now set to debate the issue next week following a vote by the House of Lords.

The Lords voted by 348 to 225 against Ms. May’s ruling against staying in the (or a) customs union.

Labour MP Chuka Umunna has commented on Twitter that this vote offers ‘a great opportunity to have a proper and full debate on the impact of leaving the Customs Union and to put a break on Theresa May’s plans for a hard and destructive Brexit.’

Lord Forsyth, on the other hand, suggested that the vote was simply a plot by ‘Remainers in this House, who are the majority, who refuse to accept the verdict of the British people – and I believe they are playing with fire.’

Were Britain to remain in a customs union, it would continue to have tariff-free trade with countries in the EU but would also be unable to create new trade deals with other countries.

More to follow.


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