May Has ‘Deep Concern’ at Trump’s Tariff Plan

Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated her disapproval of President Donald Trump’s proposed imposing of tariffs on steel and aluminium entering the US.

The two leaders had a phone conversation earlier today.

According to a spokeswoman from Ms. May’s office, she ‘raised our deep concern at the President’s forthcoming announcement on steel and aluminium tariffs, noting that multilateral action was the only way to resolve the problem of global overcapacity in all parties’ interests.’

President Trump’s plan would see a global tariff of 25 percent on steel, as well as one of 10 percent for aluminium.

Criticism has come from around the world, such as from European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker who has said that, in retaliation, the EU ‘will put tariffs on Harley-Davidson, on bourbon and on blue jeans – Levis.’

Faced with the prospect of causing a ‘trade war’, President Trump has said one would be ‘easy to win’ for the US.

More to follow.


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