May Pledges Compensation for Windrush Generation

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to compensate members of the Windrush generation mistreated by the Home Office. The pledge comes after the revelation that many were refused jobs and healthcare, with others threatened with deportation.

The mistreatment was a result of thousands of the destruction of thousands of landing cards in 2010. Many people of the Windrush generation were left with no way of proving they were legal immigrants.

Labour have been quick to politicise the issue, but May says the decision was taken under the Brown government. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn says the current government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy for illegal immigration is in part responsible. However the Tories say this policy also began under the last Labour government.

Over 280 affected people have contacted the Home Office since Monday with at least eight already given permanent residence status.

The National Archives hold arrival records for thousands of potentially impacted people, it has also emerged. Many of those impacted could benefit from these records.


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