Liam Fox Claims Trump’s Tarrifs ‘Illegal’

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has claimed that US tarrifs on steel and aluminium from Europe are ‘illegal’ and will be detrimental not only for Europe but also for the US.

Trump decided to set a 25% duty on imported steel and a 10% duty on imported aluminium earlier this year so as to boost the steel and aluminium industries in the US but then exempted Europe, Canada and Mexico to allow time for negotiations.

This exemption has now ended but Dr. Fox has insisted the UK ‘will still be making that case [for exemption] throughout this week.’

Talking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Dr. Fox said:

‘The United States believes, I believe wrongly and illegally, that this is a national security matter for the US.

’Given that we export some pretty complex steel products to the United States which are part of their national security programmes themselves, this reasoning that is given is wrong and therefore we believe unlawful.’

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she was ‘disappointed’ at the US’ decision not to exempt the UK from these ‘unjustified’ taxes.

According to Dr. Fox, she will be raising the issue at the G7.


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