Kim Jong-un’s Sister to Visit South Korea for Olympics

Kim Jong-un’s sister is to attend the upcoming Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, making her the first direct member of the Kim dynasty to visit South Korea.

Kim Yo-jong holds rather a high position in North Korea, being a member of the politburo and wife of the secretary of the Worker’s Party, making this visit all the more significant.

The ceremonial leader of North Korea, Kim Yong Nam, is also attending the opening ceremony of South Korea’s Winter Olympics on Friday as part of a three-day trip.

It is hoped that these visits will mark a start in the bettering of relations between North and South Korea.

The two countries are also planning to march under a single flag during the opening ceremony.

Despite these moves towards peace, America and its allies remain wary of North Korea’s intentions and agreed in a 20-nation meeting last month to consider more unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang.


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