Justine Greening Highlights Importance of Making Brexit ‘Work For’ Young

Conservative MP Justine Greening has stressed the importance of making sure Brexit works for all, particularly young people, making it clear that a future generation of MPs would reverse the process if it dosen’t.

Speaking in the Commons for the first time since she resigned from the government last week after refusing to move from education to the Department for Work and Pensions, Ms. Greening said the following on Brexit:

“I represent a very young constituency here in London. The bottom line is that looking ahead, if Brexit doesn’t work for young people in our country in the end it will not be sustainable.

“When they take their place here they will seek to improve or undo what we’ve done and make it work for them.

“So we do absolutely have a duty in this House to look ahead and ensure that whatever we get is sustainable and works for them.”

Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokesman, asked about this comment, claimed ‘the prime minister is clear that she is determined to deliver a Brexit which works for all sections of society. Of course that would include young people.’

This comes after the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, expressed his hope that there is ‘a change of heart among our British friends’ with regard to Breixt.


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