France Warns Poland Against ‘Rewriting History’

Criticism of Poland’s soon-to-be-signed bill, which shall make it illegal to suggest that Poles were at all responsible for the Holocaust, has reached a new level as France says its consequences could be ‘quite regrettable’.

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian (pictured above) has said ‘we find this law unwelcome, we must not rewrite history, it’s never very good.’

He also expressed his hope that Poles, partly due to this bill, shall pick new leaders in upcoming elections.

‘I think that the moral pressure will be strong enough, I hope so anyway.

I also hope that the Polish people will be able to change their minds and make sure that in the next [elections] they will get out of this straitjacket imposed on them by nationalist choices that are quite regrettable.’

The bill, which shall make the utterance of expressions such as ‘Polish death camps’ punishable by up to three years in jail, has already been criticised by countries across the world, particularly the US and Israel.

Ukraine recently joined in with the criticism of the bill, condemning the fact it shall see the imprisonment of those who deny crimes were committed by ‘Ukrainian nationalists and members of Ukrainian formations collaborating with the German Third Reich.’

More criticism is likely to follow.


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