Frank Field Resigns Labour Whip Over Anti-Semitism and Abuse

Member of Parliament for Birkenhead, Frank Field, resigned the Labour party whip on Friday. His resignation statement decried Labour’s descent into a ‘force for anti-Semitism’ and the development of a ‘culture of intolerance, nastiness and intimidation’ in the party. It comes after Mr Field’s Constituency Labour Party (CLP) voted no confidence in him after he backed Brexit in the House of Commons.

Frank Field has been an MP for Labour for 39 years and a Labour politician for even longer. Rather than issue a long statement, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s office offered just one sentence in response. The Labour party has also threatened to immediately kick Field out of the party entirely. There was no response to the issues Field’s statement outlined.

Corbyn and Labour have come under fire for their classless treatment of the veteran MP. Meanwhile, Corbynites have wasted no time in beginning to discredit Field – including painting him as a racist and comparing him to Enoch Powell.

Field’s resignation is the latest in a long line of blows to Corbyn’s credibility. It leaves Labour with fewer MPs than the party had after the 2010 General Election. The results of that election were described as ‘disastrous’ for the party.


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