Farage Denies Assange Meeting Claims


Nigel Farage has denied claims that he met Julian Assange more than once.

He said that this assertion, which was made to a US committee, is nothing more than ‘conspiratorial nonsense’.

Mr. Farage is known to have visited Mr. Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder is currently living, in March 2017.

A recent testimony to the House Intelligence Committee however has claimed that the former leader of UKIP made ‘additional trips’ to the Ecuadorian embassy and that he also ‘provided data’ to Mr. Assange.

This testimony was provided by co-founder of Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson.

Fusion GPS, an American political research firm, is also conducting a probe into alleged Trump-Russian meddling during the US’ 2016 Presidential election.

This probe, along with others, has been branded ‘fake news’ by President Donald Trump.

Mr. Farage has also struck back against such claims, saying that assertions he was a middle man for Donald Trump and Julian Assange were a ‘complete lot of baloney.’

Indeed, he has pointed out that his meeting with Mr. Assange was organised by LBC radio and that he even took his producer along with him to the meeting.


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