Enraged Speaker Bercow Slams Rowdy MPs

Tired of interruptions to Theresa May’s answers today during Prime Minister’s Questions, the Speaker of the House of Commons ordered MPs to ‘stop it’, ‘wake up to reality’ and to understand that ‘the questions and the answers must be heard.’

John Bercow, who has held the position of Speaker since 2009, reminded the members of the Commons that poor behavior during debates would be seen negatively by the public.

‘I make no apology for repeating that the discussions here at PMQs should bear some resemblance to what the House is saying in relation to culture,’ Mr. Bercow said.

‘We have recently had a report on harassment. Let’s try to behave properly in these sessions.’

The Speaker made it clear that MPs shouldn’t behave in a certain fashion so as to please the press but rather to please the public.

‘Huge numbers of people outside this place disapprove of this sort of this sort of behavior on both sides: stop it!’


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