Defiant Speaker Bercow Slams Critics in House of Commons

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has hit back at MPs who have called for his replacement.

Conservative MP James Duddridge asked for a debate on what sort of Speaker should replace Bercow in Parliament earlier today. He referenced the current Speaker’s commitment to stand down within nine years when he was first elected. The end of that period is approaching soon.

Bercow had other ideas, reminding Duddridge that MP’s unanimously re-elected him as Speaker after last year’s election. He refused to indulge the idea of a debate on his replacement.

It seems likely the incumbent Speaker will continue after the nine year period. In recent weeks, however, there have been allegations of bullying against him, casting doubts over his future.

Bercow has previously come under fire for anti-Brexit bias. To chair debates impartially the Speaker is meant to remain neutral. The accusations came after it emerged he had a car sticker reading ‘Bollocks to Brexit’.


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