Corbyn Should Establish ‘Socialist Pax Britannicca’, Galloway Claims

Former Member of Parliament, George Galloway.

George Galloway has stated that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should take advantage of Brexit to gain closer ties to socialist countries around the world.

Talking on the BBC’s This Week programme, the former MP admitted that ‘nobody can achieve a Brexit which pleases everyone,’ yet then went on to push for a system which would please far fewer than any Brexit deal ever could.

Presuming that Jeremy Corbyn would soon be the prime minister of the UK, and even that Bernie Sanders would seen be the president of the US, Mr. Galloway said that ‘unshackled from the little leagues on the continent, Corbyn [as PM] could monopolise on his new found freedom, realising his life long ambition of engagement with his allies in Latin America and Africa.

‘As part of a geo political alignment suited to his world view, Mr. Corbyn could create a new socialist Pax Britannica. Instead of isolating so-called rouge states, Corbyn could engage with them.

‘Mr. Corbyn could pivot Britain towards dialogues with parts of the world economy that are on the up.’

Mr. Galloway also went so far as to suggest that, with ‘the Trump presidency on thin ice and Bernie Sanders on the ascendant, Jeremy Corbyn is the only British politician who could make that special relationship even more special.’

This dream of the formation of a worldwide socialist pact after Brexit is not one that was discussed during the EU ‘in-out’ referendum of 2016, and shall likely not be further discussed now!


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