Cleverly Slams Cable for ‘Casual Racism’

Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, James Cleverly.

Following comments by Sir Vince Cable that older generations voted for Brexit in an attempt to return to time when ‘faces were white,’ James Cleverly has accused the leader of the Liberal Democrat party of ‘casual racism.’

Speaking at his party’s conference, Sir Cable stated that ‘too many [during the 2016 ‘in-out’ referendum] were driven by a nostalgia for a world where passports were blue, faces were white and the map was coloured imperial pink.’

The Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party struck back against this claim:

‘I thought we had moved on from the prejudiced view that Brexit was driven by casual racism. It certainly wasn’t the reason I voted for Brexit.’

Sir Cable also said that leaving the European Union shall crush ‘the hopes and aspirations of young people for years to come.’

Mr. Cleverly again severely disagreed, and pointed out the positive opportunities that Brexit shall bring:

‘We now have an opportunity for the UK to build modern, mutually beneficial cultural and economic relationships with the world.

‘For Sir Vince to dismiss these opportunities show that he is the one who is backward looking.’


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