CIA Chief: China ‘as Big a Threat to US’ as Russia


The Director of the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mike Pompeo, has said that, when it comes to efforts to influence elections in the West, China are ‘as Big a Threat to US’ as Russia is.

Indeed, he suggested that China could me more successful in its influencing, and at ‘stealing secrets’ as ‘the Chinese have a much bigger footprint [economically] upon which to execute that mission than the Russians do.’

Mr. Pompeo made it clear that the US will strive to hold warm relations with China.

However, he claimed, in an interview with the BBC, that China is undergoing efforts ‘to steal American information, to infiltrate the United States with Spies, with people who are going to work on behalf of the Chinese government against America.

‘We see it in our schools, we see it in our hospitals and medical systems, we see it throughout corporate America.’

The director of the CIA went on to say that the same is the case in Europe, and particularly the UK.

‘The Chinese are working diligently to a position where they are a super power.’

Mr. Pompeo concluded that more efforts will have to be made to prevent such efforts to ‘covertly influence the world’ from continuing to take place.


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