Monday, May 21, 2018
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The Weekly Roundup – 15th April 2018

UK: Home Secretary Amber Rudd highlighted the link between drug usage (particularly by young people) and rising violent crime on Monday, particularly bringing light to...

The Facebook Data Scandal is Just the Tip of a Far More Terrible Iceberg

Recently, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of a US lawmakers, and insisted that users have enough control over their data. What...

The Weekly Roundup – 8th April 2018

UK: The furore over the Salisbury poisoning continued, as Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson clashed over the origins of the attack. Meanwhile Yulia Skripal's cousin, Viktoria, was...

In Defence of Useless Things

'All art is quite useless' declared Oscar Wilde, and in doing so summarised succinctly the traditional discipline of aesthetic appreciation, and beauty. 'Art is...

The Weekly Roundup – 1st April 2018

There has been a heavy focus this week in the news on the Salisbury attack which occurred on 4 March. The Fultum Post contributors have...

The Weekly Roundup – 25th March 2018

UK: A 'decisive step' was made on Monday by UK and EU negotiators with regards to the Brexit transition deal, as a document was released...

The Weekly Roundup – 18th March 2018

UK: Liberal Democrat leader Sire Vince Cable kicked off this week by accusing those who voted for Brexit of having done so because of a...

Fortnite: At What Point Does Lacking Responsibility Become Neglect?

In recent days, a certain video game has found itself atop the social justice liberal hit list agenda: Fortnite. Fortnite is a survival-based co-op game...

Black Panther Film Review

Imagine for a moment stepping into a marvellous, luscious utopia, a world of dazzling visual splendour and societal unity. Imagine stepping into a current...

The Weekly Roundup – 11th March 2018

UK: Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a speech on Monday which addressed the UK's housing problem and the government's plans for solving it. The Fultum...