Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Trump Says Date and Place Set for N. Korea Summit

US President Donald Trump has said the date and location for the much anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been set. Reuters...

A Series on the Constitutional Amendments: The Tenth

'For states' rights advocates, the Constitution is like a contract that is openly violated by one party with impunity. On paper, the states remain...

US Maintains Pressure on N. Korea Ahead of Summit

The US has reaffirmed that it shall continue to put pressure on North Korea until the country shows real sign of change. Detailing human rights...

N. Korea Thought to Have Released US Detainees Ahead of Summit

North Korea has released three US citizens who have been held for some years in the country's labour camps as supreme leader Kim Jong-un...

Iowa Bans Abortion After Moment Heartbeat Detected

Iowa has introduced the toughest abortion laws in the US, banning most abortions once the heartbeat of the unborn child has been detected. The first...

Why Debating Racists is Pointless

Whitehall, “the street that shaped a nation.” From The Cenotaph to Trafalgar Square, for 500 years, the heart and brain of the British state....

Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize, Claims S. Korean President

The president of South Korea has opined that US President Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize to reward his efforts for bringing North...

The Weekly Roundup – 29th April 2018

UK: On Monday, Downing Street insisted that the UK 'will not be staying in the customs union or joining a customs union' after Brexit, despite...

S. Korea Gives ‘Credit to Trump’ for Korean Summit

South Korea's Foreign Minister has suggested that some credit ought to be given to US President Donald Trump or bringing North Korea's supreme leader...

Trump on Korea Summit: ‘Good Things Happening, BUT Only Time Will Tell’

US President Donald Trump has commented on the summit currently being held by the leaders of North and South Korea, saying that 'good things...