Monday, May 21, 2018
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Central Banking has Become Parasitic – How do we Fix it?

Central banking is broken. There are countless reasons for this, but all cause similar issues. In fact, the damage done recently by central banks...

The Weekly Roundup – 8th April 2018

UK: The furore over the Salisbury poisoning continued, as Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson clashed over the origins of the attack. Meanwhile Yulia Skripal's cousin, Viktoria, was...

The Weekly Roundup – 1st April 2018

There has been a heavy focus this week in the news on the Salisbury attack which occurred on 4 March. The Fultum Post contributors have...

The Weekly Roundup – 25th March 2018

UK: A 'decisive step' was made on Monday by UK and EU negotiators with regards to the Brexit transition deal, as a document was released...

The Weekly Roundup – 18th March 2018

UK: Liberal Democrat leader Sire Vince Cable kicked off this week by accusing those who voted for Brexit of having done so because of a...

The Weekly Roundup – 11th March 2018

UK: Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a speech on Monday which addressed the UK's housing problem and the government's plans for solving it. The Fultum...

Universal Basic Income: Leftist Fantasy or Pragmatic Necessity?

With the predicted rise in automation as technology continues to advance throughout the developed world, the issue of Universal Basic Income (UBI) has become...

Farage Calls Out EU’s ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Criticism of Trump’s Tariffs

Following criticism of President Donald Trump's plans for imposing tariffs on certain goods entering the US by EU figures, Nigel Farage has branded those...

May Has ‘Deep Concern’ at Trump’s Tariff Plan

Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated her disapproval of President Donald Trump's proposed imposing of tariffs on steel and aluminium entering the US. The two...

The Weekly Roundup – 4th March 2018

We've collected the main stories of the week and put them in one place, just so you don't have to... UK: News this week has been...