Monday, September 24, 2018
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How Generation War Intelligently Warns us About Fascism

There are a lot of war films, aren’t there? We’ve seen Sean Connery fighting on the streets of Arnhem, Steve McQueen leaping over barbed wire...

Gaming is a mental illness? Get a grip.

The world health organisation recently had a revelation, in all their infinite wisdom: apparently, an addiction to gaming is a mental disorder, up there...

Strictly White People Only.

How despicably audacious, for a writer in 2018 to suggest that his article is open only to white readers. How patronising, how condescending; how...

Why the Youth Won’t Vote Tory

It’s a well-known fact amongst pollsters and psephologists, that for the Tory party, under 40’s are an elusive demographic to say the least. Seemingly,...

Cannabis Oil Returned to 12 Year Old Epileptic Boy

After initially being confiscated from his mother at customs, a severely epileptic boy has had his cannabis oil medication returned. UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid...

The Weekly Roundup – 10th June 2018

This week, our contributors have written on Crypto Ratings, immigration, Birmingham's Pride parade, the US Constitution, UK Prime Minister Theresa May's customs 'backstop' and...

Police Fail to Catch 4 out of 5 Muggers and Burglars

Official statistics show that police fail to catch four out of five muggers and burglars. Last year, 81,848 police investigations of muggings were unable to...

A Response to a Response (on Birmingham’s ‘Pride’ Parade)

Always the holder of unpopular thoughts, a response has been written to my article on the ‘Pride’ parade which passed through Birmingham two weekends...

Immigration, Politics and a Culture on the Brink

The Windrush generation. Up until recently, a largely forgotten name for a group of people arriving in Britain to help with the post war...

The Weekly Roundup – 3rd June 2018

UK: Wales announced this week that it is extending its smoking ban, making it illegal to smoke in outdoor school spaces, playgrounds and hospital grounds. The purpose of...