Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Immigration, Politics and a Culture on the Brink

The Windrush generation. Up until recently, a largely forgotten name for a group of people arriving in Britain to help with the post war...

The Weekly Roundup – 3rd June 2018

UK: Wales announced this week that it is extending its smoking ban, making it illegal to smoke in outdoor school spaces, playgrounds and hospital grounds. The purpose of...

Liam Fox Claims Trump’s Tarrifs ‘Illegal’

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has claimed that US tarrifs on steel and aluminium from Europe are ‘illegal’ and will be detrimental not only...

The Weekly Roundup – 27th May 2018

UK: This week, Jake Scott, editor of The Mallard, wrote on the effect on the UK of the sugar tax. You can read this here. US: On...

As Predicted: the Sugar Tax Has Hit the Poor the Hardest

The Soft Drinks Industrial Levy – commonly referred to as the Sugar Tax – was introduced on the 6th of April of this year...

The Weekly Roundup – 13th May 2018

UK: John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, hit back at MPs calling for his resignation. On Friday the unofficial Brexit campaign group Leave.EU, which...

Net Migration Targeting: Bad Policy, Bad Politics

Ever since 2010, cutting net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’ has been government policy in the UK. It isn’t much of a vote...

The Weekly Roundup – 6th May 2018

UK: Sajid Javid was appointed the new Home Secretary after Amber Rudd resigned on Sunday following her mismanagement of the Windrush Generation Scandal. Shortly after this,...

Britain Cannot Leave Customs Union Until 2023, Civil Service Claims

Britain will not be ready to leave the EU customs union until before 2023, senior members of the Civil Service has warned. The Cabinet's Brexit...

The Weekly Roundup – 29th April 2018

UK: On Monday, Downing Street insisted that the UK 'will not be staying in the customs union or joining a customs union' after Brexit, despite...