Monday, September 24, 2018
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Corbyn’s Trumpian Media Speech: Economic Ineptitude with Totalitarian Implications

In the UK, press freedom is a fiercely contested issue. Scandals and slander are perceived to have engulfed the nation’s media for years. Of...

Democracy is Broken. What Now?

For thousands of years now, perched smugly atop the agenda of political philosophers and thinkers of society and governance, as the crown jewel of...

Continuity and Change: The Conservative Party since 1945 (excerpt)

: The following is an excerpt from a book (Continuity and Change: The Conservative Party since 1945) written by the editor of The Mallard,...

How Generation War Intelligently Warns us About Fascism

There are a lot of war films, aren’t there? We’ve seen Sean Connery fighting on the streets of Arnhem, Steve McQueen leaping over barbed wire...

Gaming is a mental illness? Get a grip.

The world health organisation recently had a revelation, in all their infinite wisdom: apparently, an addiction to gaming is a mental disorder, up there...

The Wisdom of Crowds: Trump Protestors Must Be Right, Surely?

Thousands of Trump protesters have taken to the streets of London sending a clear message this weekend that the US President is not welcome...

The Great Brexit Betrayal

This week, two prominent Brexiteers (as they’re so fondly known) have dramatically and triumphantly resigned from their positions in government in response to the...

Strictly White People Only.

How despicably audacious, for a writer in 2018 to suggest that his article is open only to white readers. How patronising, how condescending; how...

Army Considers Using Inflatable Tanks to Trick Enemies

The British Army may deploy inflatable tanks to fool enemies on the battlefield, an official study has detailed. The study aimed to look into dealing...

Why the Youth Won’t Vote Tory

It’s a well-known fact amongst pollsters and psephologists, that for the Tory party, under 40’s are an elusive demographic to say the least. Seemingly,...