Monday, May 21, 2018
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Brexit Betrayed if UK Remains in Customs Union

The current threat of Theresa May’s government choosing to go against the will of the British people, and decide to remain within the Customs...

Emmanuel Macron: France’s Badly Needed Margaret Thatcher?

It is not long until Emmanuel Macron will have been in France’s top job for a year. His domestic approval ratings are not great....

Govt. Maintains that UK Will Leave Customs Union

The government has insisted that the UK shall leave the European Union's customs union after Brexit. According to the BBC, a senior Downing Street source...

The Weekly Roundup – 22nd April 2018

UK: A government document has shown that mass migration over the last 25 years has 'led to a 21 per cent increase in house prices.’ Following...

The Plight of the Modern Conservative: Ideological Limbo and Party Abandonment

In recent years, conservative thought has found itself the reserve of the silent majority. Both the 2015 and the 2017 UK elections are a...

EU ‘Rejects UK Proposals’ for Irish Border After Brexit

Yesterday Michel Barnier, the EU chief Brexit negotiator, said there was still a 'risk of failure' in reaching an agreement. He added that there...

MPs to Debate Post-Brexit Customs Union

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement in February that Britain would leave the Customs Union after Brexit, MPs are now set to debate the...

Putin Predicts ‘Chaos’ if More Strikes on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that, if western powers conduct further attacks on Syria, the world will descend into 'chaos'. This comes after the...

The Weekly Roundup – 15th April 2018

UK: Home Secretary Amber Rudd highlighted the link between drug usage (particularly by young people) and rising violent crime on Monday, particularly bringing light to...

US-led Forces Conduct Syria Airstrikes

In the early hours of this morning, US-led forces conducted airstrikes on military targets in Syria. Despite calls from opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for...