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Abortion – A Necessary Evil?

You will often hear the phrase 'necessary evil' as a justification for the slackening of laws relating to the aborting of pregnancies. This suggests that...

The Weekly Roundup – 27th May 2018

UK: This week, Jake Scott, editor of The Mallard, wrote on the effect on the UK of the sugar tax. You can read this here. US: On...

Italy’s New Government a Step Closer to Eurozone Catastrophe

Not all that long ago, I wrote that the Eurozone would not last much longer. The formation of a new government in Italy is...

Hungary’s Orbán Hopes to Create a ‘Christian Democracy’

The Prime Minister of Hungary has set out his plans for protecting the Christian culture of his country, not long after being re-elected to...

The Weekly Roundup – 6th May 2018

UK: Sajid Javid was appointed the new Home Secretary after Amber Rudd resigned on Sunday following her mismanagement of the Windrush Generation Scandal. Shortly after this,...

Iowa Bans Abortion After Moment Heartbeat Detected

Iowa has introduced the toughest abortion laws in the US, banning most abortions once the heartbeat of the unborn child has been detected. The first...

The Weekly Roundup – 29th April 2018

UK: On Monday, Downing Street insisted that the UK 'will not be staying in the customs union or joining a customs union' after Brexit, despite...

Brexit Betrayed if UK Remains in Customs Union

The current threat of Theresa May’s government choosing to go against the will of the British people, and decide to remain within the Customs...

Emmanuel Macron: France’s Badly Needed Margaret Thatcher?

It is not long until Emmanuel Macron will have been in France’s top job for a year. His domestic approval ratings are not great....

Govt. Maintains that UK Will Leave Customs Union

The government has insisted that the UK shall leave the European Union's customs union after Brexit. According to the BBC, a senior Downing Street source...