Britain Cannot Leave Customs Union Until 2023, Civil Service Claims

Britain will not be ready to leave the EU customs union until before 2023, senior members of the Civil Service has warned.

The Cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee was told earlier this week that technology needed to operate Britain’s borders after Brexit is so complex that it will take another five years to develop.

This means the UK will be leaving the customs union a whole seven years after the British public voted to leave the European Union, though some believe the delay could lead to Brexit being overturned altogether.

One unnamed senior Brexit supporter told The Telegraph that ‘There are genuine concerns that this delay will lead to the UK staying in the customs union permanently.’

This comes after the House of Lords voted in favour of an amendment to Prime Minister Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal Bill which will give Parliament the final say on any Brexit deal with the EU, effectively preventing a ‘no deal’ exit.


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