Brexit Betrayed if UK Remains in Customs Union

The current threat of Theresa May’s government choosing to go against the will of the British people, and decide to remain within the Customs Union post-Brexit is a threat that should not be taken too lightly, especially in these trying times as we deal with the EU.

Recently, it has been quite the source of infighting within the Conservative Party, a fire that the Government’s defeat in the House of Lords has exacerbated, and the upcoming vote on the matter in the House of Commons is likely to portray this in full force.

The fuss being caused over this matter is more than just justified, it is necessary, as this is perhaps one of the most dangerous aspects of the Brexit negotiations, as it is here that the UK will affirm it’s dedication to true independence. After all, if a country has any kind of direct subservience to another body, the kind which the Customs Union demands, can we truly claim to be free of the EU?

I will not deny that it would be easier to remain in the short-term, as it would allow much of the current economic status quo to remain with very little disruption – something that to both business and the common man is very enticing. After all, that means a continuity of stability.

However, in the long term the political element to this would be utterly disastrous. Rather than becoming independent of the EU we would effectively be vassalised as they would maintain large hold over how our economy operates both regionally and internationally. The Conservative Party would be branded by those in support of leave as failures, opening the door for more Marxist interpretations of Brexit to come to the forefront.

The kind that Jeremy Corbyn would and has espoused, only the electoral impossibility of him espousing those views currently holds him back.

And in the long term, this would likely lead to Brussels once more beginning to seize control of our politics, the kind of control that the British people voted against.

It is in the nature of the EU to attempt to expand its power in any given country, as the more it attempts to influence the more it cannibalizes itself. Looking at the tensions it has caused not just in Britain, but in places such as France, Italy, Germany and Poland. The more it uses its power, the more people begin to disagree with a ‘Continental System’.

In order to create for itself a long-term future, the EU must either retract its power, or federalise as quickly as possible, and federalisation would require almost total control of a nation. Given that the EU has openly admitted to wanting a ‘United States of Europe’, the course being charted isn’t hard to see.

Therefore, would the EU simply be happy with only having a Vassal state? With domination over our economy, influencing politics would be simple. With the Leave camp decimated, empowering the Remainers would be simple. Eventually pressuring British public opinion and policy into rejoining the EU would be simple.

It is important to remember that we cannot go back to the way things were. When we voted to leave, we drew a line in the sand. To the EU, we were an annoyance that became dangerous, so if we were to come crawling back to them they would make an example of us, to ensure there would be no more secession – and I use that word far more literally than I would like – from the EU.

To all those that oppose the EU, both in the UK and in wider Europe, it would be a betrayal, as it would represent a Government, who had been offered a way out, put national sovereignty and identity on the sacrificial alter for short term gains.

Leaving the EU was never going to be easy. They were always going to make it as difficult for us as possible. The EU does not look at us as a friend, it looks at us as an asset – one that is attempting to flee.

All the more important then, that we should show some backbone and call their bluff. The EU, on its current course, does not have a long and prosperous future ahead of it. It is rather mere crisis’ away from disaster. However, should we fold to them, we risk everything, either solidifying their position or being caught up when the tower falls.

Continental systems have been defeated before, but we must ensure that we haven’t lost the will to see through our actions to the end. The British people voted to leave. I say we should start honouring that.


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