Bercow Needs ‘Anger Management Therapy’, MPs Claim

John Bercow has been slammed by Conservative Party MPs for behaving in a very angry manner in his role of Speaker of the House of Commons, and has even been advised to visit an ‘anger management therapist’.

This comes after allegations of ‘bullying‘ behind the scenes were filed by MPs against the Speaker.

Westmonster has claimed it has received messages from numerous Conservative MPs over the last week regarding Mr. Bercow’s manner of behaving in his role.

One MP is reported as having said: ‘He’s allowing strange things to happen. He’s basically dictating government policy, which is way above his pay grade. He’s behaving like a little Hitler.’

According to Andrew Bridgen MP, ‘His anger management problems are laid bare for all to see in the chamber. He can turn on a six pence.

‘I think that the evidence against him with regards to alleged bullying and harassment of staff needs fully investigating. They are very credible witnesses with little or nothing ot gain from coming forward.’

Similarly, Daniel Kawczynski MP has suggested Mr. Bercow ‘needs to go and see an anger management therapist.’

A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May has commented that the allegations of ‘bullying’ from the Speaker of the house are ‘concerning’ and need to be investigated.


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