Barclays’ CEO Calm About Brexit


Brexit shall be nowhere near as damaging to Britain’s economy as many predicted it would be during the EU ‘in-out’ referendum of 2016, the CEO of Barclays has declared.

Whilst conceding that ‘Brexit is going to have an impact,’ Jes Staley claimed this will be ‘very difficult to calculate’ and made clear that he doesn’t ‘think it is going to have a significant impact on London as a financial centre and therefore Barclays.

‘We are very much committed to Europe […], we have contingency plans to increase our presence in Dublin […] in order to make sure we can do tomorrow what we do today with our European clients.

‘We think London will be fine and we think Barclays will be fine and lets just see what happens with Brexit a year from now.’

Read more on Brexit here.


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