Army Considers Using Inflatable Tanks to Trick Enemies


The British Army may deploy inflatable tanks to fool enemies on the battlefield, an official study has detailed.

The study aimed to look into dealing with the ‘lack of mass’ in the forces. As it stands, Britain has 227 Challenger 2 tanks and the army is smaller than at any time since the Napoleonic Wars.

The plan for inflatable tanks has been widely mocked.

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn has commented that the army would ‘be better off commandeering Corporal Jones’s butcher’s van, from Dad’s Army, and issuing soldiers with bayonets fixed to broomsticks’ whilst political commentator Peter Hitchens has argued the ‘desperate scheme symbolises modern Britain, a country made up of inflatable fakes – easily punctured by a single solid, sharp fact – which only look good from space, or from a Minister’s office.’

Speaking of the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who demonstrated his approach to international affairs (and politics in general) when he told Russia to ‘go away and shut up’ earlier this year, Andrew Neil said on the BBC’s This Week programme that ‘Mr Williamson generates a lot of hot air, and I think we can all agree that this is the most productive use of it so far.’

Mr. Williamson has requested Prime Minister Theresa May to grant billions more for the armed forces, offering a further sign of his political intentions by commenting that ‘I made her, and I can break her.’


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