Abortion – A Necessary Evil?


You will often hear the phrase ‘necessary evil’ as a justification for the slackening of laws relating to the aborting of pregnancies.

This suggests that those who believe abortion should be made more readily available do not see the practice as desirable but rather, on occasion, needed.

Why then, when Ireland voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment of its constitution, were there crowds of people crying for joy, singing songs and whooping in celebration? Surely if the desire for softer abortion laws was based only on necessity, these crowds would have been quietly relieved, possibly even solemn, and certainly would not have been behaving as though they were cheering for a band at some pop festival.

It seems, because of this, that many claim abortion is a ‘necessary evil’ (without actually believing this themselves) just to make their arguments more appealing to undecided voters. After all, it conceals their true (more questionable) belief which seems to be that, so long as a child is inside the womb, the ending of its life cannot be considered murder.

An article on the site In These Times summed up, to me, the true convictions of those who claim abortion is not desirable but can be needed: ‘Abortion isn’t a necessary evil,’ Sady Doyle claims: ‘IT’S GREAT’.

I, and many others against abortion, am very open about my belief that abortion is wrong in all circumstances (whether any exceptions should be granted in law is another matter). It would be incredibly helpful and productive for all if there could also be some more honesty on the other side of the argument.


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