A Victory for Equality! The Same-Sex Marriage Cake Case

How brilliant the 4th of June was, how excellent a milestone for freedom of expression in the west, when America did what the UK never could and actually ruled in favour of individualism. For you see, on that day the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Jack Phillips, a baker from Colorado, when he refused to bake a cake for a gay couple in 2012.

Why, might you ask, am I so happy at this judgement, so happy that this act of blatant discrimination has been allowed in the 21st century? Well, mostly because it is one of the most unexpected and welcome rulings in favour of individual freedom and business autonomy for decades.

At a time when the whole of the west is woefully shifting to the left, and the doctrine of social liberalism is becoming so engrained in our politics that like a cancer it has almost become terminal, this gamma ray of hope shows us that it’s not over, that social liberalism hasn’t consumed us in all its nefarious villainy, that we still have the right to exist how we like, and crucially, that particularly in business, ‘no’ is a perfectly reasonable answer to almost every question.

People certainly have the right to celebrate love however and with whomever they please, but we cannot persist the double standard of acceptance, and tolerance. In the same way the Christian, or the Muslim, or whichever denomination of whichever faith you fancy observing has an issue with homosexuality must tolerate it in todays society, so too must the homosexual tolerate them. There cannot be a hierarchy of tolerance versus intolerance, some groups must not be able to force their opinions and beliefs upon others without question or challenge.

The western Gestapo that is the social justice liberal faction of our morally decaying society have for once been silenced by reason, for once been prevented from force feeding us their incessant ramblings of discrimination or justice. For once objectivity has been visible within the law, as it should be, and it has been for all to see. For once, the moral freight train of liberal moralism has been stopped in its tracks. Rejoice!


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